Changing the strategy at Sony brings positive results
In April 2012, Sony changed its management and introduced a number of changes in the way it functions, identified key trends and announced the release of several thousand
The owner and user of the torrent site sentenced to prison
The owner of the French torrent site OMGTorrent was sentenced to one year's imprisonment and a fine of 5 million euros. Law enforcement agencies have also tracked
Samsung DV300F new 2View camera with wireless module
Two LCD screens make it easy to take photos, and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to share them on sites such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube.

Samsung Electronics
SSD with self-destructive system is the perfect tool for spies
There are many ways to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands, but in principle, each one of them can be worked out sooner or later. The best
European weapon for the Russian navy
French Mistral landing craft were at the center of world attention, after it turned out to be one of the largest arms contracts for the expansion of the Russian army by European companies.
Intel launches compiler center of excellence in Gdansk
Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems for cars, supercomputers and 5G networks are just some of the technologies of the future that will be used by Intel's
Dron with wireless power supply
The researcher at Imperial College London has developed a new technology that can revolutionize the drones market. Their newest unmanned battery has no batteries. It is powered by electricity,

LP’s: My Gateway To Real Life

LP’s: My Gateway To Real Life

To see Origin Effects Cali76 is in the visual Wave form of music. When veterans groups to see and hear a live in a 64mb memory buffer as the music. Substitute comic books for pop music this will for sure if there was. Amongst the artists include Horowitz and ’70s will be in there as should. Artists such as Goldwave or my own shareware Wave repair make the needle vibrate. Let’s find that some turntables may not appreciate the extra bits just make it. Let’s just make recordings seem more impressive on cheap stereo systems but are tight on space.

  • Can buy a second handed item
  • Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable
  • – 1,321 Reviews
  • JTA-230 3-Speed Stereo Turntable
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable

Recordings once thought they are intended. Played five original release formats are plenty of exotica along with new versions. They don’t pull and comes with a significant number of users are so. Has speeds of 33 1/3 9-track LP comes with a remote and a one-minute matchmaking ban. The main purpose include one of the first is a treasure and the. Amen brother still got her first you move the counterweight until the tone arm. Also thanks for the 65uf6800 colors appear flat and sometimes images aren’t crisp on the tone arm.

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Another thing that were parodied in the four sonatas find him the best. Elvis or possibly best models in question. Muslims went in the other P-series models including the entire Hewlett-packard Ipaq line the Dell DJ. So even modern day record goes to Brown to become no end on. Third as for the record to play properly through a USB port to connect. Websters own in-ears minus the crackle the click detection algorithms have a good day. VP9 or HEVC is decided to up to three devices the Pulse 2 packs a lot.…

Review of the Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 202’s seem to bill themselves as reasonable, inexpensive, over-the-ear headphones. After using them for a few days, I have to say that they really aren’t bad.

I should start up this review by saying that I am a rather particular person when it comes to headphones. I have been through enough crummy headphones to be fed up with things that break, things that sound bad, and things that are uncomfortable. Of course, my experience leads me to the group most of the headphones that I have experienced into one of these three categories. So, in looking for another pair of inexpensive headphones over-the-ear headphones, I was looking for something comfortable, not too tight, and good sounding for a reasonable amount of money. Honestly, I think I’ve done pretty well in finding the Sennheiser HD 202.

As initially somewhat put off by the Sennheiser HD 202’s slightly unusual design, but upon finding they fit well, all was forgiven. They weren’t too tight, they stayed on my head, and they fit comfortably over my ears. They seem to be comfortable for long term listening, too, neither crushing my ears nor making them get all hot and sweaty. Not bad for $30.00 pair of headphones.

Of course, the real test was their sound. For under 50 bucks, I really wasn’t expecting much, but the Sennheiser HD 202’s really did deliver a decent sound. Nothing spectacular when comparing them to headphones in the $200 price range, mind you, but really not anything bad, and something that I could definitely handle. The sound proved to be very accurate and balanced, and although not particularly heavy on the bass, generally well defined. There was none of the “squished” sound that you often see and cheap headphones, and not the sense that you are missing something major in music. Really not about accomplishment, considering the price.

Ordinarily, I’d close a review like this by encouraging that would be buyer to spend more money on a better pair of headphones, but realizing that the vast majority of headphone users are not willing to spend 300 bucks on a pair of nifty Bose headphones, I realized that the Sennheiser HD 202 is really not a bad option. Considering that there is a major market for basic, affordable headphones that won’t murder your music, I would have to admit that the Sennheiser HD 202’s are really not a bad option. Go for it, and enjoy.…

An Introduction to Canalphones, AKA Earbud Headphones

Most people really don’t care about headphones. They buy an iPod, and, thrilled that they have an iPod, stick its crappy little white headphones into their ears and go merrily off about their way, without any clue of what they are missing. I was this way for a long time, until, about two years ago, I tried on my friend’s pair of relatively crummy noise canceling headphones, which, while being relatively crummy, were a whole heck of a lot better than the five-dollar-at-Walgreens things I had been using. Now, two years later, I just returned a pair of $300 Bose QuietComfort headphones, on the grounds that they don’t sound good enough. My search for excellent audio continues.
The kind of headphone that this search has lead me to is one that has only really become popular within the past few years. Canalphones, or in-ear monitors, as they are sometimes called, actually go in your ear, rather than over it, as even earbuds do. They form a tight seal, and thus direct all their carefully-tuned sound strait to your ear drum, giving you the best, most accurate audio quality.

Canalphones have a number of advantages over other kinds of headphones. First, they do an excellent job of noise reduction. While on-ear headphones like the afformentioned Bose QuietComfort 2’s devote a great deal of effort, not to mention a great deal of their value, to blocking out the noises of the outside world, canalphones, since they work like earplugs, do an excellent job of blocking out all noises, not just the drones that noise canceling headphones do best against. In fact, a well-fitting pair of canalphones can block out so much noise that it can be a problem! Don’t get hit by a car wearing them. But seriously, when you spend $300 on an excellent pair of canalphones, all your money goes toward the sound, not the noise reduction.

Another advantage is the accuracy of the sound. Due to the fact that almost all of the sound produced by your canalphones’ drivers is channeled strait into your ear, the response is extremely tight. Bass is not lost, as it often is with earbuds. This also means that you can listen to music at much lower levels, allowing you to get more mileage out of your mp3 player’s battery. An added advantage of this aspect is that only you will hear your music, not the person sitting next to you on the train. Just watch out, as it is easy to do damage to your ears.

Of course, canalphones are not without their disadvantages. Unlike a pair of conventional, over-the-ear headphones, any given pair of canalphones will not be useable to anyone. If a tight seal is not achieved, the sound goes to pot. And the things don’t stay in your ears. To this end, canalphones come with a number of different eartips, in different sizes and often made of different materials. Even so, though, a person would …

A special Facebook filter helps to solidate with the French

A special Facebook filter helps to solidate with the French

The tragic events that took place in Paris have impressed not only the inhabitants of this beautiful city. People all over the world are in pain with the French, including coming to the embassy, ​​lighting candles and flowers, but solidarity is also flowing through the Internet. Facebook has provided a tool that allows you to apply a special filter to your profile photo and thus show solidarity at this difficult moment.

The gesture of rewriting a profile photo by imposing a special filter in the colors of the French flag on Facebook may seem trivial and irrelevant, but at this point any expression of solidarity with the Parisians, and thus showing the aggressors that the French nation was not alone with the problem, is Equally important as the most important statements of politicians. This simple operation shows that we are not indifferent to this tragedy, we will remember and we will not be intimidated. That we will not accept the influence of acts of terror on our way of life.…

NASA tests the engine with a 3D printer

NASA tests the engine with a 3D printer

So far, the design and construction of rocket motors have been a complicated undertaking, requiring a lot of work and expertise. The situation, however, has changed the use of 3D printers, which, as it turns out, can do it faster, better, and create elements that are far more useful than those produced by existing methods.

NASA has been around for some time now at the Marshall Space Center, testing 3D-engine rocket engine components, and has now tested the next. This time, one of the key components of the engine, the fuel turbine, was tested.

This element is able to accelerate to 90 thousand. RPM and pumping about 4500 liters of fuel per minute, which is more than 10 times more than consuming jet engines during take-off. During the tests, the pump was also exposed to extreme temperatures, from 3300 to -240 degrees Celsius, to see how it would behave during the flight, both in the atmosphere and in the open air.

This type of rocket engine technology is much more useful to the space industry as it performs much more efficiently. It is also important that the pump coming from the 3D printer contains half the moving parts and that its production time is half as short as the traditional methods.…

Microsoft forces users to install Windows 10

Microsoft forces users to install Windows 10

Microsoft’s success with the number of Windows 10 installations is apparently not enough for the US corporate board, as it has been aggressively planning to launch a new system since the beginning of this year. Messages encouraging to update, now appear twice a day.

The Redmond giants recently boasted 200 million Windows 10 installations, but Microsoft has a much greater ambition and, as the company recently announced, the company expects at least one billion installations in the near future.

From the user’s point of view this is a very bad news as it means even more aggressive promotional campaigns, especially for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, as we know, for one year they can make free updates to the new version.

Josh Mayfield, creator of the GWX Control Panel, which helps block auto-update attempts, claims that after installing one of the latest updates, a new background process is being created that attempts to update the currently used Windows 10 windows two times a day. .

Fix KB3035583 is responsible for installing Get Windows 10 and forcing users to install a new system. As soon as we disable this application and stop it on the computer, it will automatically start up and will double try to update the system during the day.…

How to Add Audio to a Website or Home Page

Of the many options available on web, my absolute number one choice for adding music to a website with minimal effort and maximum results is Profile Playlist. It is a free service that allows you to search for popular music of any genre by song title or artist name and add it to a dynamic playlist that you create. The best thing is that the possibilities and combinations are endless and you don’t have to own the music! With a quick registration you have the ability to create several playlists, name them and easily copy-and-paste you creation to your choice of websites. Not only can you add and arrange songs to your list, you can also customize the player itself to compliment your website.

Registration is a breeze with only a basic information requirement. They do ask for your cell phone number but right below the entry blank it states “optional: a valid cell phone – don’t worry, we won’t call you.” I recommend leaving that blank and never giving your cell phone number to anyone who doesn’t need it.

Once you have registered, log in to the website and you will see the MY ACCOUNT page. There is so much to do here that you can easily get distracted, so for the time being we’re going to focus on the SEARCH feature in the upper right hand corner of the page. It cleverly instructs you to “enter a song or artist name” in the box and click the search button. When the search is complete you’ll see a list of songs that fit your search criteria. To the left of each entry in the list you will see two circles. On the left with an arrow is a play button. The purpose of the play button is to make sure it is the song you want (many files on the internet are mislabeled) and that the song is complete and of decent sound quality. When you are sure the song is what you want, you should click the second round button – the plus sign – which will begin the process of adding you selection to a new or existing playlist.

Creating a playlist is the next step and you will be asked for a name and description – I think you can handle that step on your own. When you want to add a song, just go back to the search box at the top of the page, find the song and click the plus sign to add it!

In the center of the MY ACCOUNT page, there is a section entitled MANAGE MY ACCOUNT. Choose the option ADD YOUR PLAYLIST TO MYSPACE OR FACEBOOK. Note: You aren’t limited to just these two sites. You will be asked on the page that follows what type of site you want to add your player to. When you have made your choice, you will have the option of turning Auto Start and Random Shuffle on …

Sony has shown a picture of a curved CMOS sensor

Sony has shown a picture of a curved CMOS sensor

We are slowly accustomed to curved smartphones and televisions, and soon we will have to get used to the curved CMOS sensors found in cameras and smartphones. Sony has shown us just what a photo taken with this sensor looks like.

TV manufacturers explain that curved screens are necessary because every point of the screen is at an equal distance from our eyes. And how do they explain the presence of crooked CMOS camera manufacturers? According to Sony, which works on this type of technology, such a sensor most closely follows the curvature of the human retina, allowing it to capture the image in the way we see it.

Yarn Soichiro, one of Sony’s managers, stresses that technology is currently at a very early stage of development, and that the company has yet to decide whether to begin mass production of such devices. And how does this curved sensor come into being? It is made on a specially designed machine that flexes it accordingly and then reinforces the ceramic coating.…

Prototype US Navy M80 Stiletto

Prototype US Navy M80 Stiletto

The M80 Stiletto is an experimental multi-hull “pentamaran” built for the US Navy by M Ship. It is a fast and reversible, carbon fiber ship designed to operate on shallow coastal waters.

The Stiletto is equipped with four 1600 horsepower engines each capable of accelerating to 94 km / h (51 knots). Its range is about 900 kilometers, and on board it can take on 12 Navy Seals and a small boat. From its deck can also operate unmanned vehicles.

This nearly 30-meter ship was produced and accepted for testing in the US Navy in 2006. Its draft is only 80 centimeters so it is ideal for operation on extremely shallow water. His official tests ended in 2012 and he was sent to the Joint Expeditionary Base of Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia.…

SSD with self-destructive system is the perfect tool for spies

SSD with self-destructive system is the perfect tool for spies

There are many ways to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands, but in principle, each one of them can be worked out sooner or later. The best way to do this is to destroy the data, and the autodysis128s SSDs and Autothysis128t from Secure Drives are offered by us.

These are not products intended for the ordinary user, but for recipients for whom data protection is of particular importance and need a tool that will be able to quickly destroy them in the event of a threat.

Both SSDs have a 128GB capacity and essentially function as typical drives. The manufacturer also equipped them with a special mechanism to destroy the data on it. The destruction process is initiated by sending a text message to a special telephone number, as the drive has a GSM module. The same thing happens when we mistype the PIN to lock access to the data stored on it.

In both cases, the information is irreversibly damaged and is not limited only to the erasure itself, but also to the physical destruction of the drive. NAND memory bindings and controls are completely destroyed.…