A special Facebook filter helps to solidate with the French

The tragic events that took place in Paris have impressed not only the inhabitants of this beautiful city. People all over the world are in pain with the French, including coming to the embassy, ​​lighting candles and flowers, but solidarity is also flowing through the Internet. Facebook has provided a tool that allows you to apply a special filter to your profile photo and thus show solidarity at this difficult moment.

The gesture of rewriting a profile photo by imposing a special filter in the colors of the French flag on Facebook may seem trivial and irrelevant, but at this point any expression of solidarity with the Parisians, and thus showing the aggressors that the French nation was not alone with the problem, is Equally important as the most important statements of politicians. This simple operation shows that we are not indifferent to this tragedy, we will remember and we will not be intimidated. That we will not accept the influence of acts of terror on our way of life.

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