Microsoft forces users to install Windows 10

Microsoft’s success with the number of Windows 10 installations is apparently not enough for the US corporate board, as it has been aggressively planning to launch a new system since the beginning of this year. Messages encouraging to update, now appear twice a day.

The Redmond giants recently boasted 200 million Windows 10 installations, but Microsoft has a much greater ambition and, as the company recently announced, the company expects at least one billion installations in the near future.

From the user’s point of view this is a very bad news as it means even more aggressive promotional campaigns, especially for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, as we know, for one year they can make free updates to the new version.

Josh Mayfield, creator of the GWX Control Panel, which helps block auto-update attempts, claims that after installing one of the latest updates, a new background process is being created that attempts to update the currently used Windows 10 windows two times a day. .

Fix KB3035583 is responsible for installing Get Windows 10 and forcing users to install a new system. As soon as we disable this application and stop it on the computer, it will automatically start up and will double try to update the system during the day.

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